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Our new PC-12NGX and our PC-12NGs follow the concept of being “one for all”:


With a range of over 2500 km and the ability to land on extra short, unpaved, grass or gravel runways there are seemingly no limitations set to this aircraft type.

In its spacious flat floor cabin, the PC-12NG(X) can accommodate a maximum of 8 passengers. The comfortable seats can also be easily brought into different positions. Loading of bulky luggage such as skis, golf bags or even pets is facilitated by use of the large cargo door in the rear part of the aircraft.


While not compromising on comfort, the PC-12NG(X) burns up to 2/3 less kerosine than comparable jets. Additionally, the PC-12NGX offers a mode to fly with a reduction in noise, which makes travelling a relaxed experience for you and any pets that might accompany you on your journey.


Another aspect, which makes this aircraft type unique are the landing characteristics. These allow us to be able to land on 60% more airfields than traditional aircraft. Thus, enabling us to bring you closer to your destination than any jet or airliner ever could. This results in less time spent travelling and more time left for leisure or business appointments.




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